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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last weekend, I was throwing myself a huge pity party over not being able to go to spring Quilt Market. I'm not sure if gluing myself to Instagram was helping the situation, but it helped me get a better idea of what collections I'm most looking forward to (and need to budget for)!

August - Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel (Release date?)

I had never heard of the whole Cotton + Steel situation until I saw their huge design wall on Instagram, but when I saw Sarah Watts was in the lineup, I knew I was probably going to end up buying a pre-cut bundle

Number of Designs: 7
Colorways: 2
Total Prints: 14
Wishlist: I pre-ordered a fat quarter bundle, so all of them! The lion print, Monarch, is what really got me excited. I will be making a tunic or dress out of this for sure.

Indelible - Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics (June)

I've been preparing for this collection for a couple of months already. Quilt market just fueled my anticipation.

Number of Designs: 10
Colorways: 2 - Darkened Ink & Subtle Watermarks
Total Prints: 20
Wishlist: Doiland & Spirodraft

Up Parasol - Heather Bailey for Free Spirit (June)

Here's one that actually didn't wow me at Quilt Market, but I'm excited for nonetheless.

Number of Designs: 9
Colorways: 3 - Chartreuse, Persimmon, & Pink
Total Prints: 27
Wishlist: Meadowlark
Acorn Trail - Teagan White for Birch Fabrics (July/August)

I don't believe Teagan White (or T-Branch as my husband calls her for some reason) had any of her fabrics at Birch's booth, but being a die-hard fan, I couldn't care less. I need this collection.

Number of Designs: 9
Colorways: 2 (5 prints come in only one colorway though)
Total Prints: 14
Wishlist: Birds & Branches, Laundry Day, Peonies. I'd say all of them, but Birch is pricey.

Paint - Carrie Bloomston for Windham (?)

This is another collection I discovered via Instagram/Market. As an illustrator at heart, this speaks to me.

Number of Designs: 9
Colorways: 2 or 3? (not all prints come in different colors) 
Total Prints: 22
Wishlist: The paint brushes!

Moon Shine - Tula Pink for Free Spirit (?)

Shockingly, I was very underwhelmed with this collection prior to Market. I'm still not going crazy for it, but some Instagram snaps warmed me up to a print or two.

Number of Designs: 8
Colorways: 3 (5 prints come in only one colorway though)
Total Prints: 29
Wishlist: Forest Frivolity is the only ones that really speaks to me, but Swarm is nice too.

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