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Saturday, May 31, 2014

When I got really hardcore into sewing a couple years ago, I dabbled a bit in hand embroidery. I learned it mostly for the purposes of my etsy shop where I was selling handmade My Little Pony hats. I started embroidering each pony's cutie mark on the ear flaps which was a cute touch. When I stopped selling hats due to lack of time (I was finishing up my junior year of college), my interest in embroidery also came to a halt. 

This past week, I picked my embroidery floss back up to make this little guy! The original artwork is by Corrine Alexandra. I plan on sewing a cute border to it and making a wall hanging...once I find some nice fabric to match.

To make it, I printed out this image and traced it onto my fabric with a water-soluble marker, which worked out pretty well. 

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