Project Recap Catch-Up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ack! It's been a while since my last post. As soon as I was finished with all the Quilt Market posts, it was time to buckle down and work on some time-sensitive projects.

I apologize for the use of my IG photos. Despite getting an awesome new lens for my birthday (thanks, parental unit!) I haven't had much luck getting out to take photos. The end of daylight savings time means it's dark outside by the time I get home from work, and rain seems to be in the forecast every single weekend.

When I get the chance to take nice photos, I'll make individual posts for projects I want to talk about more and share tutorials for. Here's what I've been up to!

Playing with Anna Maria Horner's Honor Roll collection.

While I used to be indifferent to Anna Maria Horner's fabric, her new collection, Honor Roll, captured me at Quilt Market. I purchased 3 yards of the Overachiever print to make myself a lovely Washi Dress to wear on Thanksgiving. 

I also caved and bought a fat eighth bundle of the entire collection since I couldn't decide on which colorway I like best. I used some of it to make a single ribbon using AMH's free Award Ceremony quilt pattern. I'm going to make it into a mini quilt for my wall to celebrate my first year of quilting. I think I'd be an honor roll student. :)

Game of Thrones costumes for Texas Renaissance Festival.

I promised my husband we would go to TRF in costume this year, and not just any costumes: handmade Game of Thrones costumes! We each went as our favorite characters: Oberyn Martell and Arya Stark. They're not knock-your-socks of quality because I couldn't convince myself to pour too much time into costumes that we'll probably only wear once. But, they got the job done and earned us plenty of complements!

Xmas Gifts Galore!

I made the ambitious decision to make all handmade Xmas gifts for my family this year which consisted of: two large quilts, one small quilt, a super tote, a scarf, and a small accessory pouch. Amazingly, I finished all of them before December. I can't wait to post full photos of everything!

An experimental Super Tote turned convertible backpack!

After finishing my mother's Super Tote, I got the idea to modify the pattern to make a bag that better suits my needs. With the addition of a flap and a few simple pieces of hardware, I was able to make myself a scrappy convertible backpack. This was my first opportunity to cut into the Echino bundle I bought at Market and I'm hooked on Echino bags now! (Pssssst, stay tuned, I'll be making a tutorial for this one.) 

Merchandise, baby!

I did some fun illustrations to be used for some cool merchandise. I'll be swapping my burrito quilt buttons at Quilt Con in February. I also applied my passion for hand lettering to make these awesome "I Got 99 Problems but a Stitch Ain't One" t-shirts. If you want to get your hands one one, pre-orders are currently open for a light aqua crew neck version in my store.

I ran away to Patchwork City.

I got a signed copy of Elizabeth Hartman's new book, Patchwork City, at Quilt Market and I'm addicted to this book. I'm using the new Cotton + Steel bundles I bought at sample spree to work through all 75 blocks in the book. I'll be doing a book review in the near future, but if you want to TL;DR version: it's glorious. Buy it.

I'm turning into a bag lady.

Another Market purchase was Sew Sweetness' Edelweiss Backpack pattern. I used three different Echino prints for the exterior and solid teal for the straps and lining. It was a fairly easy project to stitch up but took forever to cut! I'm using it as my current purse and I adore it!

What have you been working on lately?


  1. This was a fun post to read. I found your blog after reading your F&P/Cheap glue stick comparison test; thank you very much for that! I love the bags, the costumes and those buttons! I hope to see you at Quiltcon and swap you a button. (Now I need to go and make mine--any tips on where to get them made?)

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I got my buttons made at Pure Buttons. They have templates that make the design process easy, they're affordable, and fast!