Studio Ghibli Swap Info & Sign Ups

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You guys gave a really positive response to my feelers for a Studio Ghibli Swap, so it's happening! 

Sign ups open on Jan. 5th at 10am central time. I will post a link to the online sign up questionnaire the day before, but it will not accept responses until Jan. 5 @ 10am.

If you are new to swaps, I suggest reading Karri's spot-on blog post about how to be a good swapper. 

#StudioGhibliSwap Details

  • This swap is limited to 60 swappers to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • This swap is open to international swappers! Please note that due to the limited number of participants, you may be asked to ship internationally. 
  • You must have a PUBLIC Instagram account for this swap. If your account is normally private, you can either make it public for the duration of the swap (until you and your partner have received your packages), or make a public swap account. Private accounts will be dropped from the swap.
  • You can choice to make and receive sewn/quilted, embroidered, or knitted/crocheted items.

#StudioGhibliSwap Rules

  1. All projects must relate to a Studio Ghibli feature film. For a full list of Studio Ghibli films, check out this list (although Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind is not technical a SG film, we'll allow it for this swap).
  2. This is a secret swap! Don't tell your partner you are making for them. 
  3. This is not a direct swap. You won't be receiving from the person you are making for.
  4. You must have a public Instagram account for the duration of the swap.
  5. You will be required to post photos with the #StudioGhibliSwap hashtag by three different deadlines (see timeline below) reporting your progress. Failure to meet deadlines may result in being dropped from the swap.
  6. Use quality materials for your project.  
  7. Don't be stingy with your crafty skills. Don't make a plain tennis ball-sized amigurumi and expect to get a fancy mini quilt in return. Dedicate a good amount of time to make a quality project for your partner.
  8. Take your partner's questionnaire responses seriously and make them something you think they would truly enjoy, not just what you like personally.
  9. Posting inspiration collages and other related info is encouraged! The more your partner knows, the better chance you have of getting something you like.
  10. Be on time! Shipping deadlines are set in stone, so you should plan accordingly. Don't wait until the last minute because crap does happen! If something comes up, let your swap mama know ASAP.
  11. Be ready to provide a tracking number for your package. All packages should be trackable.
  12. Post a photo of the package your receive and be sure to thank your partner.

#StudioGhibliSwap Timeline

Jan. 5 - Sign ups open at 10am central time

Jan 9 - Sign up close at 3pm central time

Jan 12 - Partner information will be sent

Jan 26 - #StudioGhibliSwap post deadline #1. You should posted a photo showing your progress. At minimum, materials and design should be selected. As an example, you could post a photo showing what fabric you will be using and a sketch of your pattern.

Feb 23 - #StudioGhibliSwap post deadline #2. You should have posted a photo showing your progress.You should have started your project and be making headway.

March 16 - #StudioGhibliSwap post deadline #3. Your main project should be complete (or be getting the final touches)! You should have posted a photo of your project. If you are ready to ship, you can start shipping now.

March 18 - International swapper shipping deadline.

March 25 - Domestic swapper shipping deadline.


  1. I am looking forward to the 5th -- this swap sign up and the Tula Pink sign up in one day --- AWESOME!! Thanks for hosting

  2. Is the signup gonna be here or on the 'gram? I'm a swap virgin, but I'd love this to be my first! I'm in between quilt projects so its the perfect time too!

    1. The link to the sign up will be posted here on my blog. It will take you to a google form. :)
      If you have any questions about swaps feel free to shoot me an email -->

  3. Would love to join in as a massive totoro fan! :) xx
    Instagram: Vanessa FeltZ
    :) xx