The Dear Watson Bag

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's with great pride and excitement that I get to unveil the first of my two bag patterns: the Dear Watson Bag.

The inspiration for the Dear Watson Bag came from my own hesitation to try my hand at structured bag patterns beyond the basic tote or zippy pouch. I was certain that I needed some substantial sewing machine engineering skills beyond my capabilities. But once I got over my inhibitions and made my first legit bag, I couldn't believe how simple it was. I try to share my experience with other bag newbies, they are usually as incredulous as I once was. 

I really love making bags because it enables me to carry my quilty style with me out in the world. I wanted other quilters to get that same proud feeling. I wondered how could I make structured bag making more accessible to beginners. The answer is to keep it simple, but make it look like a big accomplishment. The Dear Watson Bag has a polished, modern look thanks to its tapered handles, hardware, and decorative details. I wanted people to be able to say "This is the first bag I've ever made," and have their friends go, "No way! It looks so professional!"

The Dear Watson Bag pattern teaches lots of bag making skills.
The Dear Watson Bag gets its name from the great words of Sherlock Holmes. Because after's elementary. In this pattern you will learn how to add structure to your bag with By Annie's Soft & Stable, install a zipper closure or magnetic snap, make an interior welt zipper pocket and slip pocket, make tapered handles (with and without hardware and handle tabs), box the corners of a bag, and make an adjustable, detachable strap. It may sound like a lot, but my friend Stephanie announced to our guild, "If you can make a zippy pouch, you can make this bag."

My guild buddie, Liz (@fatchickquilts), made two Dear Watson Bags because she's an overachiever. If you're going to Spring Quilt Market, check out Andover's booth for the bag on the left which uses Carol Van Zandt's new collection, Luna Lounge. 

Another guild friend, Hilary (@youngtexanmama) made her bag with Marvel comics fabric and some fancy leather! She modified the handles to work better with her materials, and the result is awesomesauce.

Guild buddy no. 3, Karri (@karriofberries) cranked out this baby at the Stash Bash! Alison Glass is always a good fabric choice. ;) 

Guild buddy no. 4, Stephanie (@houstondiy) combined the two views of the pattern for a stunning finished project! 

Katie (@robutton) made a fiesta-worthy bag that makes me miss my good old college home, San Antonio. There's no shortage of happy colors here!

I hope you enjoyed all the bags! If you'd like to make one for yourself, click the link below to go directly to the product page on my Craftsy shop.

Click Here to Purchase the Dear Watson Bag pattern!

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