Epic Game of Thrones Quilt: All Done!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Seth's Xmas present came early this year! The Epic Game of Thrones quilt is finished! 

I was really anxious about how the quilting process would go. I even considered having it sent out to be longarmed (something I've never done). In the end, I wanted to give Seth a gift that I made entirely by myself, so I put on my big girl pants. Time to do a large custom FMQ job.

On each banner, I did a small scale stipple pattern on background using matching thread, then closely outlined each animal so they would pop. I considered going back and quilting the animals with matching thread, but I was worried about damaging the hand embroidery. Plus they ended up looking pretty cool without any quilting.

I quilted an upside down clam shell pattern on the gray background. The result looks like the banners are hanging on a brick wall. Totally unintentional, but very satisfying.

I stitched a double wavy line (is there a technical name for this?) in the outer border.

I used wool batting (that loft!) and a black sheet for the backing. The solid sheet made for a very interesting back that shows off the quilting. I bound the quilt with more Kona Cotton in charcoal, the same color as the outer border.

Size: 60" x 72"
Fabric: Kona Cotton solids (charcoal, pewter, silver, curry, pepper, rich red, caramel, and tomato)
Pattern: FPP patterns from Misha29 (200%) + original layout (I'll post a tutorial soon)
Quilting: Clamshell background, stipple in banners, and double wavy line border
Completed: August 22, 2015


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! That is a lot of handmade goodness right there.

  2. Wow impressive quilt, you guys sure love "Game of Throne 's"! The quilting is great, I just can't seem to get t he hang of FMQ!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to get the tutorial!