Drunkard's Wife Quilt-Along Week 1: Happy Hour Star

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome to week one of the #DrunkardsWifeQAL! If you haven't read the intro post, I'll be hosting quilt-along for making an intentionally f*cked up quilt. Why? Because cocktails, that's why.

As I was prepping my blog posts for the QAL, I tried to find the traditional names for these quilt blocks. Some I already knew and some I was able to quickly find with some Google magic. But there were still several that I couldn't identify, so I just figured, "screw it." I'm going to rename all of these blocks after kinds of booze.

We're starting simple for week one with the classic sawtooth star Happy Hour Star block. For this block you'll need to cut the following :

Background Fabric
  • A - (1) 6.5" x 6.5"
  • B - (4) 3.5" x 3.5" 
  • C - (4) 4" x 4"
Fabric #1 (I used assorted blue prints)
  • D - (4) 4" x 4"
Make (4) half square triangles with your C and D pieces using the two at a time method. I cut my squares in half diagonally prior to sewing them so I wouldn't having matching pairs of HSTs.  Press seam towards the darker fabric. Trim each HST to 3.5" square. That link also includes a tutorial for how to make them 4 at a time if you're feeling fancy, but your drunk ass probably can't handle it.

What we're supposed to do is lay the HSTs and remaining pieces out as illustrated and sew them all together.

Instead, make some mistakes. Flip your HSTs around. Mix up the layout. Instead, make some mistakes. Rotate an HST the wrong way. Mix up the layout. Whatever you do, make sure it would be a disappointment to your mother. She raised you better than that, but you're an ADULT and you can do whatever you want!

When you're done, your block should measure 12.5" square, but who knows? You're drunk. Anything is possible.

Next, do a field sobriety test. Can you say the alphabet backwards? No? How about forwards? Good enough. Now download the pattern for some sassy embroidery and print it at 100%.

Transfer the design onto your center square using your preferred method. I like to trace patterns with a Frixion pen since the ink disappears with an iron. Pick some embroidery floss and and use a backstitch (or whatever stitch you want) to embroider the pattern.

Now your Happy Hour Star block is finished! Show it off to the quilt police and watch them twitch in agony! Share your block on IG with the hashtag #DrunkardsWifeQAL. I'd love to see your abominations. Previously: Introduction


  1. This made me laugh a lot!! Funny idea, funny post, funny block- brilliant!

  2. I completed my block last night (after dealing with sick kids I sewed!). Then traced my embroidery...and realized that I had traced it turned 90 degrees from how I intended! I'm keeping it! :)