Drunkard's Wife Quilt-Along Week 6: Mai Tai

Monday, December 7, 2015

For week 6 of the Drunkard's Wife QAL, we're making the Mai Tai block. You'll need to cut:

Background Fabric
  • A - (1) - 4.75" square
  • B - (1) - 5.75" square
  • C - (1) 7.25" square
 Colored Fabric #1
  • D - (1) - 5.75" square
  • E - (2) - 4" squares
  • F - (4) - 3.875" squares

Once again, I forgot to photograph my pieces before sewing them up. Deal with the doodle.

Start by cutting your (2) E pieces in half on the diagonal. Use this tutorial to make a square-in-a-square block with the E triangles and your A piece. Trim your block to 6.5" square, making sure you have a .25" seam allowance between around the center A square.

Next, make (4) HSTs with your B and D pieces using the four at a time method. Trim each HST to 3.5" square.

Lastly, make (4) flying geese with your C and F pieces using the no waste method we've previously used. Each geese should measure 3.5" x 6.5" unfinished.

What we're supposed to do is lay these pieces out as illustrated, sew them into rows, and sew those rows together.

Instead...you know the drill. Be lucky it's not a real drill. If it was, you might hurt yourself with it in your drunken state. When you're done, your block should measure 12.5" square.

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