Drunkard's Wife Quilt-Along Week 12: White Russian

Monday, January 18, 2016

It's the last block of the Drunkard's Wife QAL! Today we're making the White Russian. You will need to cut:

Colored Fabric #1
  • A - (2) - 7" square
  • B - (3) - 4.5" square
Background Fabric
  • C - (3) - 4.5" square
  • D - (6) - 3" square

Pair up a B and C square and make a batch of HSTs using the 4-at-a-time method. Trim each HST to 2.5" square. Repeat with the remaining B and C squares until you have (12) HSTs.

Cut your A and D squares in half diagonally.

To make each quadrant of the block, you will need to piece (3) HSTs, (3) D triangles, and (1) A triangle. Sew the HSTs and D triangles together in rows as illustrated, then sew those rows together to make a triangle. Then put your pieced triangle and the A triangle right sides together and sew along the diagonal edge with your usual .25" seam allowance. It's way easier than it looks. Make (4) quadrants.
What we're supposed to do is lay the four quadrants out as illustrated and sew them all together.

Instead...*sigh*...do I even need to tell you at this point? As usual, your block will be 12.5" square.

Next week will be our last week and, we'll be assembling the quilt top! 


  1. I feel like I need to make this one since it's one of the only things I drink lol

  2. i like this article!sangria is my favorite drink, and ukrainian girls love to drink lol