Rainbow Medallion Tutorial

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Last year, I downloaded the "Paint It" FPP pattern by ipatchandquilt on Craftsy in an attempt to get over my paper piecing aversion. After many diligent hours of work, I completed the block, but couldn't decide what to do with it. A year later, I picked it back up and used it at the center for a scrappy Rainbow Medallion.

Name: Rainbow Medallion 
Size: 50" square
Fabric: Assorted scraps and solids
Pattern: Rainbow Medallion 
Quilting: Custom w/ gray & white Aurifil 50wt

Completed: December 2015

I thought I'd share a rough tutorial so you guys can make your own Rainbow Medallion. You will need:
  •  A ton of rainbow scraps / FQs / FEs
  • The Paint It pattern ($1.49 on Craftsy) - print (4) copies of the templates
  • Gray/Dark fabric for paint tubes (I don't know exact yardage, but .5 yard should be more than enough)
  • At least 2 yds of white fabric
  • .25 yd of solid fabric for border #6
Start by making the Paint It block. The pattern is made up of four quadrants that form the circle of paint tubes. Each quadrant measures 10.5" square unfinished. Sew the quadrants together to get the 20.5" square unfinished block. 

Border #1 - Solid White

I added a thin white border (cut 1" wide strips) to my center block to bring it up to 21" square (21.5" including seam allowances).

Border #2 - Plus Blocks

To make each Plus block in Border #2 you will need the following colored pieces: (1) 1.25" x 2.75" and (2) 1.25" squares. You'll also need (4) 1.25" white squares. Make (28) plus blocks as illustrated. They will measure 2.75" square unfinished.

Sew (7) plus blocks together with 1.375" x 2.75" sashing pieces in between. Make (4) borders like this. Make (4) 2.75" unfinished HSTs using the one at a time method and add those as cornerstones. 

Border #3 - Solid White

I added another solid white border (cut 1.75" wide strips) to bring it up to 28" (28.5" including seam allowances).

Border #4 - Chevrons

I made (24) pairs of inverse flying geese to form (24) chevrons. Each geese measures 2" x 4" finished. The >< shaped chevrons are sashed by 2" x 4" solid white pieces. The corner stones measure 4" square, finished.

Border #5, 6, 7 - Solids

I sandwiched a solid Aloe border between white ones. I cut all strips 1.5" wide for 1" finished borders.

Border #8 - Rectangles

The last border is made up of (44) 2" x 4" finished rectangles and (4) 4" square cornerstones. Simple enough.

Here's a little grayscale planning sheet for you so you can better see the individual sections.


  1. It's a great quilt. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. Fantastic tutorial! Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you very much for linking back to my pattern. I appreciate it so much!!!
    Esther F.
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com