Free Pattern: Sailor Moon Compact Mini Quilt

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I didn't grow up watching Sailor Moon, but I've recently started watching the reboot. I made this little appliqued mini quilt for someone who's a huge Sailor Moon fan. I've been getting sparkly anime eyes over the Sailor Moon makeup products they've got in Japan, so I picked Crystal Star compact as my design.

The finished mini is 8.5" in diameter and uses applique to create the details. I used needle turn applique by hand, but you could do machine applique if you prefer. You'll need:

  • The PDF templates
  • (1) yellow fat quarter
  • (1) 9" square of pink fabric
  • (4) 1.25" square scraps for the jewels (red, green, blue, and yellow)
  • (1) 2" pink square for the large gem
  • (1) 10" square of fabric for backing
  • (1) 10" piece of batting (I used 2 layers)
  • Matching Thread
  • Freezer Paper 
  • Water soluble pen or Frixion pen
  • A little bit of stuffing (optional)
  • Paper-backed fusible web (if you're doing machine applique)


From your yellow fabric, cut 2.5" bias strips and sew together until you have a 30" long piece of bias binding. Then cut Templates A, B, C, and D out of your yellow fabric following the cutting instructions below.

Cut (4) Template E pieces from each of your 1.25" squares. Cut Template F from your 2" pink square.

Here's what you'll be cutting from your yellow fabric. 
For hand applique: Print out your templates, trace them onto your freezer paper, then cut them out (an x-acto knife helps!). Iron your freezer paper templates onto the right side of your fabric. Trace the shape of the templates onto your fabric with your pen. Add .25" seam allowance to all of your pieces before cutting them out.

For machine applique: Trace your templates onto the paper side of your fusible web instead of freezer paper. Stick the web to the wrong side of your fabric according to manufacturer's instructions and cut out your pieces without any extra seam allowance.


1. Applique Template A onto your 9" pink square. Only stitch around the inside circle. Simply baste the outside edge, leaving the raw edge exposed. This is your compact base!

2. Center Template C on top of Template B and applique it. Applique Template F in the space of Template C. I stuffed a tiny bit of cotton stuffing into Template F to make it more 3D.

3. Applique your Template E pieces onto the "nodes" of Template D. Make sure your color positioning is correct! Red is in the north socket, yellow in east, blue in south, and green in west. I put a little bit of stuffing in each of these jewels.

4. Applique template D onto your compact base.

5. Applique Template B onto your compact base, making sure it's centered. I filled mine with stuffing.

6. Trim your background pink square to the outer raw edge of Template A. Remove your pen markings.

7. Make a quilt sandwich and baste it. I used a double layer of batting for extra volume.

8. Quilt as desired. I used invisible thread on top and pink in the bobbin and stitched closely around the edges of Template D and A with my free motion foot.

9. Trim your quilt sandwich and bind with your bias binding!

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