Pet Portrait FAQ

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

$40 for first pet
+$25 for each additional pet in the portrait
+$20 for quilt backdrop
+$10 (plus shipping) for matte photo print

Q: I've just paid for my pet portrait commission. Now what?
A: Round up a minimum of 3 clear, current photos for each pet in the portrait. Photos should have your pet as the main subject (not running in the distant background), in good lighting so coloring and markings are clear. Attach the files to an Etsy conversation and send them to me. If there are specific details you want highlighted (like the white splotch on Rover's butt shaped like a heart), be sure to point them out in your message. Please include your pet's breed in the message if you know it.

If you selected the quilt add-on option, please include a clear flat shot of your quilt, in good lighting for color accuracy. Here's an acceptable example. If there is a portion of your quilt you want highlighted, please point it out in your message.

Q: How can I make sure my pet portrait looks how I want it to look?
A: Include any details that are important in your message and photos. Want your dog's portrait to be of him dragging his butt on the carpet? Let me know! Even better if you can include a photo. If you can't manage to get a photo of your pet in the pose you want, you can include an image of another similar pet in action (this doesn't count as one of your 3 reference photos though.) If you're not sure about what you want, you can opt to let me take artistic license and decide what works best.

Q: How long will it be until I receive my finished portrait?
A: Portraits take 1-4 weeks from receipt of photos, depending on complexity and my schedule. If you ordered a print, allow up to an additional week for after delivery of digital portrait for the print to ship.

Q: In what format will I receive my pet portrait?
A: Portraits will be delivered in JPG format, 5" x 7", 300 DPI (print resolution). Prints (5" x 7") are available for an additional $10 + shipping.


  1. I would love to know more about ordering a portrait of my pet. When I go to Etsy it either wants me to pay $10.00 to buy a picture or it says it is sold. Mary

    1. I responded to you message via Etsy. I only accept 3 commissions at a time, but I'll be listing new spots as I complete orders. :)

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