Fat Cat Softie Tutorial

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Fat Cat Softie is a super easy, beginner project.

The finished toy measures approximately 8" tall x 9.5" wide.

You will need:
  • (1) Fat quarter or (2) Fat eighths (if you want different prints for the front and back)
  • Stuffing
  • Removable marking pen
  • Hand embroidery supplies or puffy paint
  • The printed pattern
Step 1. Cut out the pattern and place it, printed side up, on your fabric, at least .25" away from the raw edges. With a removable marking pen, trace around the pattern. Using a pair of scissors, cut the pattern out, adding a .25" seam allowance. Do NOT cut on the marked lines. 

Step 2. To cut your second softie piece, place the first fabric piece right sides together with the remaining fabric. With a removable marking pen, trace around the first softie piece. Cut out your second softie piece. 

Step 3. Trace the face onto one side of your softie. If you are going to embroider the face, do it now. If you want to use puffy paint like I did, you'll do it as the last step.

Step 4. Place the two pieces of the softie right sides together and pin all the way around. Backstitching at the start and end, sew directly on top of the marked line from step 1, leaving a 1.5" - 2" gap below the tail for turning and stuffing.

Step 5. Carefully clip towards corners (don't cut through you stitching) and clip curves seams. Turn softie right side out. Stuff the toy, starting with the ears, feet, and tail. Stuff the body. Close the opening with a ladder stitch by hand. Massage the softie to even out the distribution of the stuffing.

Step 6. If using puffy paint, make the face now and let dry for 24 hours before handling. 

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