2017 Recap

Thursday, January 4, 2018

I made my fabric design debut in 2016, but 2017 was the year things really started to kick in and feel real. Lots of changes, lots of projects (sewing and non-sewing), and never enough time/energy to do it all!

I keep a running list of all quilts I make (excluding mini quilts). I only count them when they are 100% complete, as in bound, and snuggle ready. Quilt tops don't count. I made 16 quilts during 2014, my first year as a quilter. 2015 saw 19 quilts, and in 2016 I made a crazy 25. In 2017, I only made 18. Just kidding, that's still a lot! 

Here's the list with Instagram, Craftsy, and/or blog links when available:
  1. Caturday Medallion (January) **Pattern Available Here**
  2. Fishbones (Jan/Feb) **Pattern Available Here**
  3. Kira Kira (Jan/Feb) (Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 52)
  4. Pretty Paws (Jan/Feb) **Pattern Available Here**
  5. Caturday Kittens Quilt (go to page 11) (Jan/Feb)
  6. Mandala (Feb)
  7. Modern Triangles Upstart (April)
  8. Luna Nova (June)
  9. Orbital (July) **Pattern Available Here**
  10. Granny Cat (August) (Quilty Box exclusive pattern)
  11. Diamond Back (Coming to Love Patchwork & Quilting in 2018) (August)
  12. Dizzy Dots (August) **Pattern Available Here**
  13. Whitecaps (October) **Pattern Available Here**
  14. Spooky Lanterns (October) **Pattern Available Here**
  15. Basketweaver (November) **Pattern Available Here**
  16. Maelstrom (November) (still need to photograph that one)
  17. Secret Kira Kira for another Windham desinger (November)
  18. Flowerbox (December) (Free pattern coming to Windham in 2018)
All but three quilts (#6, #7, and #8) were my own pattern designs as well. 

I also had a several publications in Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, including 2 full covers and 1 smaller cover image.

Issue 52 - Kira Kira quilt
Issue 55 - Designer Profile

My second fabric collection, Caturday, showed at spring Quilt Market in St. Louis and hit stores in October.

Non-quilt things: I released a total of 16 enamel pins! Pins have been a big source of joy to me this past year, as I love supporting and collecting the work of other independent artists. They've also proved to be a fruitful part of my business. 

In addition to pins, I also stocked up my reopened Etsy shop with original stickers and art prints.

I did nearly a full year's worth of visual journal entries in an effort to force myself to draw every single day.

And certainly not least, we moved from Houston to Bryan, Tx. in September! After 3 years of living with my parents, Seth and I were deliriously happy to find our own place. 

All in all, wrapping up 2017 was probably the first time I've been able to look back at the year and see that I can do this. I can support myself by doing the things I love. I hope 2018 brings more of the same!

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