Beginner Resources: Nocturne Mini Quilt

English Paper Piecing (EPP) is a technique where fabric is folded around a geometric paper template (most commonly a hexagon) and temporarily secured (basting) with either thread or glue. The pieces fabric pieces are then hand sewn together along the folded edges using whip stitches. Once the unit is complete, the paper templates are removed. The EPP unit can then be appliqued onto a background or used as a regular quilt top. 

EPP is popular because you can create designs that would normally be too difficult to sew by machine. And since it is all done by hand, they make great projects to take on the go. 

Different people EPP in slightly different ways. Some people glue baste, others thread baste. Some sew with their pieces sandwiched together, and others lay them flat. There is no "best" way or "wrong" way as long as you can remove the papers at the end! 

Here are some great free resources for learning how to EPP!


EPP Sewing & Applique

Finishing the Mini Quilt

My Quick Tips:

  • Use a thin, but strong thread (I like 50wt Aurifil cotton) in a color that's similar to your fabric. 
  • If your thread is tangling, try running running it over some beeswax.
  • Use a thin needle. I use a size 10 or 11 applique or sharp neeedle, or any fine, short needle I have on hand.
  • Knot well at every intersection. I'm a fan of the knicker knot because it's strong without a lot of tugging that sometimes breaks the thread. 

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